newly added functions on Grid Lens


In the newly updated version of grid lens, to finish taking pictures you must take pictures for all frames and then move on to pressing the shutter button.

This is because of the newly added functions;photo import and retake.

The previous process where photos were automatically saved after taking the last shot was quite inconvenient because you couldn’t check the photo that was taken before it was saved. Now with the newly added functions in the updated version, taking awesome pictures will be a lot more easier.

Let us give you a preview on the newly added functions.

If you press the frame, the ‘pop-up UI’ will appear. When no photo is taken and the frame is pressed the photo import button will appear. You can bring photographs from the photo library on your iphone or ipad.


When you press the shutter button and take a picture the pop-up UI has two buttons-photo import and clear. By pressing photo import a picture saved in your device will replace the picture that is already taken. By pressing the clear button, you can remove the previously taken photo and retake the photo.


When you press the frame after importing the picture from photo library,the pop up UI will show two buttons- edit and clear. When you press edit you can move,enlarge, and downscale the size of pictures. When you press clear you can go to the initial conditions of the frame.


After taking the photos and altering them with the various functions until you are pleased with the results on the screen,press the shutter button once again and save it at gallery


If you wish to save your your photo directly at iphone camera roll, press setting and turn on the autosave function.


Enjoy,enjoy,and once again enjoy grid lens with the newly added functions.