Phoster 1.5.0 has been released.


Phoster, our very first app, has been newly updated with a number of features.
You are now able to meet the two features that were asked for the most out of the many awesome suggestions that were sent to us through e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook.
First, the landscape template.
Those of you who had landscape pictures that did not suit the vertical template can now use the landscape template to make a landscape poster.
Second, the square template.
If you were struggling to make a poster and upload it with instagram, but couldn’t because the top and bottom were cut off, now use the square template to share with instagram as much as you want.
Third, you can now add textboxes.
You’ve made the concert poster and added three names…..Oops! You can’t add the guitarist.
For the sobbing guitarist, press the + button to add a textbox and type in his name. The concert will be stunning more than ever.
Enjoy making many wonderful posters with Phoster.