Q: Can more than two photos be inserted?

A: Only one picture can be inserted. The feature of inserting more than two pictures is currently under consideration.


Q: Can texts be moved?

A: Yes, the texts can be moved indeed.


If the text is pressed for a while on this screen, the text becomes moveable.



























Drag the text to the desired location and take your finger off the screen to have the text moved.
When the keyboard is up, this feature does not work.

Q: Can texts be added?



A: Yes, texts can be added. Press the highlighted button below to newly create an empty text field. Writing messages and changing colors is also possible. Of course, the newly added text field can be moved too.


Q: Can the most frequently used templates be added to Favorites?


A: Press and hold the template thumbnail on the template list screen. The Favorites list button appears. Press the button to add to the Favorites tab. When the button is pressed on the favorites tab, the template can be deleted.


Q: Can Phosters already made be fixed?

A: Phosters that are already made cannot be amended. However we do consider this feature to be great and are interested in it too. Don’t miss the update. Adding more features of your interests is a delight for us as well.


Q: Can small Assets on templates be added or deleted?

A: At the moment, adding or deleting Assets are not available. We are testing UIs that users can easily add and delete. It is taking long to enable easy access for users, even to a child.